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The Essential Dementia Care Handbook

Sep 2002
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This edition draws together many new ideas and practical approaches from a wide variety of professionals working at the leading edge of dementia care. Beginning with the diagnosis of dementia and other problems associated with ageing, this book considers assessment, the person centred model of dementia, rehabilitation and therapy. It outlines practical interventions, illustrated with case studies that provide a stimulating insight into contemporary understanding and practice.

Nursing staff, occupational therapists, residential care workers, social workers and all those in day-to-day contact with elderly people will be inspired by this vital handbook for all care staff.


240pp, paperback


• Part 1 Setting the scene:

  1. Attitudes to dementia: A decade of change
  2. The 'dementias'
  3. Physical and emotional problems in later life

• Part 2 Discovery:

  1. Cognitive and behavioural assessment
  2. Memory clinics
  3. A person-centred understanding
  4. The environmental setting of dementia
  5. Behavioural, ecobehavioural and functional analysis

• Part 3 Relearning and rehabilitation:

  1. Neuropsychological impairments and rehabilitation approaches
  2. Promoting communication skills with people who have dementia
  3. Responding to the need to toilet
  4. Activity, occupation and stimulation

• Part 4 Challenging behaviour:

  • Working with aggression: prevention and intervention
  • Wandering: we walk, they wander!
  • Confusion

• Part 5 Therapeutic interventions and family support:

  1. Building therapeutic relationships with people who have dementia
  2. Working with psychological distress
  3. Trauma and dementia
  4. Medication in the treatment of dementia
  5. Supporting the families of people with dementia.
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"An inspiring, informative and eminently readable text, which lives up to its claim of being a handbook, and should be accessible to every Care of Elderly Unit"
Journal of community Nursing

“At their best (and it is very good) Stokes and Goudie provide solid, practical advice around those areas which carers find most difficult. The book is very useful when talking of practical interventions, clearly based on a wealth of carefully considered clinical experience.”
 International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

“The text is clear and understandable is an excellent ward teaching resource.” Joanne Pike, Lecturer/Practitioner, Journal of Community Nursing

“This book describes the past decade of research and practice in the field of dementia care” 
Exceptional Child Education Resources

“This book is an excellent general introduction to the subject for new therapists and students...I found the book interesting, easily accessible, encouraging and enlightening.” Jenny Meredith, SLT West Gloucestershire, Bulletin

“Draws together what has been happening in dementia care over the last ten years. The book is aimed at professionals working with older people with dementia.”
 Working With Older People

“This extremely accessible handbook is pitched at a level which will be suitable for a wide range of social care staff, and for carers. There are plenty of references for those who wish or need to study the issue in more depth.” Learning update

“We have here a stimulating collection of contributions by experts in various fields relevant to the care of people with dementia. The information is clearly presented...level of information seem to be suitable for health care workers in this field, as well as being useful for anyone who has a family member of close friend suffering from dementia.” 
Vicky Ayech, Family care giver, London Centre of Dementia 

“It draws together many new ideas and practical approaches...will be a valuable resource for care staff.”
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Edited by Graham Stokes & Fiona Goudie

Graham Stokes is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at South Staffordshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Consultant Director of Mental Health at BUPA Care Homes. His interests are in neuropsychology and the understanding and resolution of challenging behaviour in dementia.

Fiona Goudie is a consultant clinical psychologist. She has been Head of Older Adult Clinical Psychology Services with Psychological Health since 1992. Her research and publications focus on depression and psychological therapies in dementia care.

Contributors: Pam Enderby; Fiona Goudie; Una Holden; Carolien Lamers; Ian Morton; Tessa Perrin; Marie Claire Shankland; Graham Stokes; John Wattis.