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The Dysfluency Resource Book 2nd revised edition

May 2010
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Comprehensive resource book for treating adults who stammer.

Completely revised and updated to take account of current practice, this new edition draws together the latest information on therapy for adults along with practical examples of exercises, tasks and activities that can be used for both individual and group programmes. With new chapters and therapy ideas, this is an extremely useful resource for all speech & language therapists and students working with adults who stammer.

This useful resource seeks to explain techniques for treating people who stammer and the rationale for their use. This volume forms a catalogue of treatment options from which clinicians may choose to use all of the techniques or pick out particular sections according to their clients’ special requirements.

 With the inclusion of 50 photocopiable handouts and the presentation of the chapters in the order they would use with their own group programmes, the authors set out the principles of therapy in such a way that the treatment techniques fit into a clear management approach.



  1. Principles of therapy
  2. Communication skills
  3. Information on stammering
  4. Variation: non-speech and speech
  5. Identification
  6. Covert identification
  7. Desensitisation
  8. Voluntary stammering
  9. Avoidance reduction therapy
  10. Relaxation
  11. Breathing
  12. Rate control
  13. Easy onset
  14. Block modification
  15. Maintenance: a continuing process of change
  16. Working in groups
  17. Handouts
Published reviews: 

"This second edition builds upon the success of the first by expanding the content and making it even more user friendly... I would recommend this book unreservedly."

“This second edition builds upon the success of the first by expanding the content and making it even more user friendly. There are now 16 chapters (compared to 13 in the first edition) and many more photocopiable handouts. It guides the reader through theory to practice, enabling a less experienced therapist to make important management decisions and giving a more experienced therapist ideas on how to improve their practice... All chapters have been carefully revised to include up-to-date theory and research.”
 RCSLT Bulletin

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Jackie Turnbull & Trudy Stewart

Jackie Turnbull and Trudy Stewart have worked together for more years than they can remember. The area of dysfluency fascinates them as much now as it did when they trainied to be therapists. It remains a great challenge they both feel that they have an enormous amount to learn about this complex area. This is their fourth volume on dysfluency.

Trudy Stewart is a specialist in dysfluency and has been a service manager since 1986. She studied in America and obtained her PhD in 1991.

Jackie Turnbull retired from SLT in July 2009 after 40 years in the profession, over 35 of which were spent as a specialist in dysfluency, working with children and adults. She also worked for many years as a staff counsellor in a large hospital. The collaboration that has grown up between the two of them has sparked further study in stammering. Together they have developed a highly creative clinical practice which has national recognition.