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Common Parenting Issues

Jun 2005
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An invaluable asset for health centres, children's centres, playgroups, nurseries or schools, these leaflets cover the full range of issues encountered by parents of children age up to sixteen, the leaflets provide clearly written guidance on how to help children with some of the common problems encountered in family life.

  • Each of the handouts deals with one issue in detail.
  • Topics include sleep, eating, behaviour, language and communication delays, attention deficits, sibling relationships, anxiety, jealousy, depression, bullying, death, divorce and trauma.
  • Designed as a high-quality leaflet, the handouts can be printed from the CD or photocopied from the book.
  • Suitable for families attending your surgery, family centre, community mental health team, school, nursery, social work, psychology or psychiatry department.


112pp, A4, wire-o-bound, CD Rom


  • Carrying out your own developmental assessment: 0-5 years
  • Using a developmental assessment to support early intervention with your child
  • Carrying out your own developmental assessment: 6-16 years
  • Looking at your family history
  • Parenting children from birth to 16 years
  • How stress affects parenting, and how to help yourself
  • Helpful patterns in healthy families
  • What is assertiveness and how can it help parenting?
  • Encouraging a secure attachment between you and your child
  • Thinking about thoughts
  • Finding calm in a challenging world
  • Encouraging eye contact: the beginnings of social communication
  • Songs and rhymes to develop language, attention and play skills
  • Choosing toys to help your child's development
  • Helping children learn the art of happiness
  • Supporting your child's self-confidence, self-esteem and optimism
  • Building your child's self-esteem and confidence 19Helping your child develop concentration skills and maturity
  • Helping babies and young children develop good sleep patterns
  • Helping children eat well
  • Playing with your baby: helping your baby and yourself
  • Helping young children learn to talk
  • Encouraging good behaviour
  • Encouraging good behaviour in children with disabilities
  • Using praise effectively
  • Hitting and kicking, spitting, biting and swearing
  • Playing with your child: helping your child and yourself
  • Time for your teenager: helping your teenager and yourself
  • Learning to listen: helping children with their feelings
  • Helping siblings to get on with each other
  • Helping temperamentally challenging children
  • Helping children with fears and anxiety
  • Helping children with jealousy
  • Coping with irritability, sulking and a quick temper
  • Helping children and adults with depression
  • Understanding guilt and shame
  • Could my child have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and how can I help?
  • Could my child have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and how can I help?
  • Could my child have developmental dyspraxia, and how can I help?
  • Could my child have dyslexia, and how can I help?
  • Obsessive-compulsive and repetitive behaviours, and how to help your child
  • Wetting and soiling, and how to help your child
  • Helping children with separation and divorce
  • Helping children with death and loss
  • Helping children cope with trauma
  • Helping children cope with bullying and teasing
  • My child may have some special educational needs - what should I do?
  • Supporting children with writing
  • Supporting children with mathematics
  • Becoming a parent of a child with a disability
Published reviews: 

"Each handout looks at one topic and provides clearly written guidance "
Practical Professional Child Care

"Each handout looks at one topic and provides clearly written guidance"
Doody Enterprises

"Fifty-on high quality handouts."Nursery Equipment

"This is a useful resource pack for busy practitioners...leaflets are clear, concise and easy to read."
Margo Turnball, Speech & Language Therapy in Practice

"An excellent resource...extremely invaluable resource."
Catherine Storey, Independent Talking Points

"Book would be a valuable resource for all those involved in any aspect of chilcare...information is easy to find...very well presented" 
Val Bailey, Who Minds?

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Cathy Bétoin

Cathy Bétoin is a Chartered Clinical Child Psychologist. Her specialist area of interest has been multi-disciplinary support to families with children with developmental delays. She has experience of taking out-patient referrals for families with children from birth to sixteen with a full range of developmental and health problems. She is also a qualified primary teacher and parent of three children.