Follow On Mathemagicians Stage 5

  • Follow On Mathemagicians Stage 5
Jan 2005


This series of boxed card games is designed to reinforce basic maths skills.

Each box contains 4 games of 35 cards each that focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using a sequential system of questions and answers. The sets are carefully graded into five levels of difficulty to suit all ability groups.

  • Ideal for classroom, special needs, basic adult education and for teaching children for whom English is a second language, these games are a fun way to promote good listening skills, confidence and quick mental calculations.
  • The games require the constant involvement and attention of all players and there is a simple system for the teacher or one of the players to track and check the answers.
  • 'Follow On Mathemagicians' is an enjoyable way to reinforce basic maths skills that involves the whole class.
  • The games are ideal for primary children and relate directly to the English National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2.

The games can be used as whole-class warm-up or plenary activities, or by small groups or individuals to reinforce new skills.

Age: 4-11


  • Addition bonds to 1000 - 25 or 50 more/less than numbers up to 1000.
  • Multiplying multiples of 10 by a single digit.
  • Doubling and halving multiples of 10 up to 1000.

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Published reviews

"[This] series of ingenious and enjoyable card games ... are arranged in five levels of difficulty and feature the four rules in challenging combinations that promote quick calculation, listening and reading skills, and cheerful collaboration."
Times Educational Supplement

"Good as a warm-up activity...allows children to develop confidence of speaking in front of one another."
North Kidlington School Year 5